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What Are Promotional Products?

Our Items are produced by a company to help market their products and services. These products are an inventive way of promoting a brand, boosting business, and increasing market share, customer trust, and employee satisfaction. These items are given out to customers as a form of appreciation. It can be anything that has the company’s logo on it.  The best and rightly selected advertising premium has more impact on customers than other forms of advertising through television and print media.

The power of custom business logo products lies in their ability to accurately and effectively convey your marketing message to the exact prospects and customers you wish to reach without the waste associated with advertising through other media.


A two-part consumer study conducted in 2017 the PPAI revealed that out of over 1,000 respondents:

– 94% could remember that they had received an advertising stationery product item in the last two years.
– 89% could remember the name of the company that was printed on the creative marketing gifts.
– 76.2% remembered the particular customized novelty gifts, advertiser, and message!
– 83% stated that they liked to receive this kind of branded merchandise.
– 48% would like to receive more.
– 38% think promo products wholesale are constant reminder of the advertiser.

How About The Staying Power Though?

The PPAI study also showed that among the surveyed consumers:

-91% had at least one custom business logo product in their kitchen.
-74% had at least one corporate logo gift in their workspace.
-55% had at least one promo product in their bedroom closet.

In short, the first part of this study showed that consumers “like custom office products, store custom business logo conference bags and want more corporate logo gifts.” In the second part of the study, PPAI asked end-users to evaluate various conventional media used for advertising, including print, online, television, promotional products, etc.


– Branded Campaigns ranked as their best advertising option.

– 72% (7 out of 10) of end customers sometimes, often or always use printed event campaign items. A business’ needs may vary, and as a result, various wholesale bulk marketing ideas may be required. The main types of corporate gift lines can be divided into four categories.

Customised Products – Include corporate logo gifts, custom executive pens, breathable polo shirts, custom metal bottles, sports bottles for college students, awards and commemorations.

Advertising Specialties – These are imprinted products given out for free.

Loss Leaders: Refers to imprinted gift ideas that are sold at a price and can provide free advertising.

Advertising Premiums: Imprinted promo products given as an incentive for some action.

With an awareness of the various available promotional items on the market, it’s important to state how each one is used and for what specific purpose.

How Are They Used?

These Crested Products can be used alone, but they also function well when they are integrated with other media in a complete marketing campaign. The most common uses are:

  • Business gifts to customers, prospects, and merchants
  • Employee motivation and recognition programs
  • Training or orientation sessions
  • Corporate communications
  • Generating traffic at trade show stands
  • Dealer/distributor programs
  • Branded merchandise online store
  • Attracting new customers
  • Nonprofit fundraising
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Create brand awareness or loyalty
  • Introduction of new products or services.

How Can You Benefit?

Direct Outlet P/L gives you a unique and interesting way to market your business by using Crested Promotional Products. This involves the use of custom printed promotional items with no minimum order, personalized pens with no min quantity, branded products, corporate logo gifts, branded tote bags, unique keyrings and other budget Promotional Products that will help customers and clients remember your business name.

Why Choose Direct Outlet Promo?

Professional Work

We have a team of friendly professional experts on hand to help you drive your marketing campaign.

Great Ideas

Work with our experienced team to achieve the best Crested Promotional result for your organisation.

Fast Delivery

Super fast delivery Australia wide through our courier network, including regional areas.
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Our Most Popular 

Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee Cups, Travel Mugs & More

Personalised Coffee Cups, Travel Mugs and More – Glass, Ceramic, Steel and Copper Styles!

Custom coffee cups, tumblers and more galore. There’s something special about a warm cup of coffee, and nothing beats the convenience of taking that coffee with you in a travel mug when needed. Start every day off right with a cup of joy, and shop personalised coffee cups and tumbler mugs to help promote your brand. The perfect way to add a personal touch, they also make great gifts and giveaways for family, friends, teachers and coworkers. Enjoy our guaranteed cheap wholesale prices.

Promotional Sublimation Printing

Promotional Sublimation Printing


But mugs aren’t just for morning warmth. In the evenings, many people like to enjoy a cold beer from a frosty beer mug, too. Indeed, mugs are part of many people’s daily routines. Adding a personalized touch to the mug itself can be an effective way to share your company logo, your restaurant name, or trade show event messaging in a way that people will see again and again.

Custom mugs come in a range of materials and scopes, such as  – Insulated stainless steel or acrylic travel mugs with lids, perfect for taking your hot (or cold) beverage on the go. They make especially practical client thank-you gifts and tradeshow handouts.

– Custom glass mugs and ceramic mugs make high-quality personalised souvenirs for customers who are visiting your café, store, or gift shop. Glass beer mugs are prime vehicles for customisation, reminding people of your restaurant, brewery, event, or company name with every ice-cold sip. Personalised mugs can reinforce your brand image with a logo, tagline, or custom colours, and easily fit into your audience’s daily routine.

Browse the full range of Promotional Coffee Mugs on the site…

We are sure to have the exact Promotional Coffee Cup for your advertising needs.


Sports Bottles

Custom Water Bottles & Sports Bottles

Designing your own custom water bottles will create brand awareness and give exposure to your company logo. Because sports water bottles are so practical, they’re often used by employees and customers every day. This makes custom water bottles a highly effective and long-lasting promotional product. Whether you’re looking for water bottles for the office, sports bottles for activities and outdoor events, or cheap water bottles for giveaways, you’ll find a wide range of options at Direct Outlet Promo. In addition to your classic custom bottles, we’ve got a wide variety of sizes and styles, including tumblers and insulated bottles. And when it comes to materials, you’ll find bottles made from glass or plastic, including those that are BPA-free. Finally, customizing your water bottle is simple. You can choose from several decoration options, including laser engraving, full-colour and single-colour print.

Promotional Screen Printing

Promotional Screen Printing

Promotional Sports Bottles

Choosing promotional sports bottles as part of your company marketing strategy offers a great opportunity to raise awareness of your brand or campaign message. They are great for sports enthusiasts, gyms and schools, and even running clubs.

Promotional sports bottles are sure to be used frequently and therefore guarantee long-term exposure of your brand.

At Direct Outlet Promo you can choose from a huge range of branded sports bottles with a vast range of colour combinations that can be printed to feature your logo, contact details and any other marketing information you may require before being distributed to your target audience.

Browse the full range of promotional sports bottles on the site

We are sure to have the exact promotional sports bottle for your advertising needs. 

Travel Mugs and Tumblers

Travel Mugs & Tumblers

Whether it’s for your commute or a road trip, these promotional travel mugs keep your drink at hand – and your brand on display. From ceramic coffee mugs to stainless steel travel mugs, you’ll find the right insulated travel mug for you. Just add your logo and showcase your company anywhere you go.

All Promotional Travel Mugs – What better way to spread brand awareness than with our range of promotional travel mugs? When customers go on trips – whether it’s an exotic holiday or just their daily commute – your business is always on the move with branded travel mugs. We supply a huge range of printed travel mugs, featuring branded coffee flasks, sleek corporate metal mugs and colourful promotional plastic mugs, so you can keep your brand hot wherever you go. We also stock photo travel mugs for when you need your business looking picture perfect.

translucent double wall tumbler

translucent double wall tumbler

More Than Just Printed Travel Mugs

Sure, branded travel mugs are great gifts to hand out at corporate events, but there are so many other options too. We have thousands of products available that you can customise with your own designs. We’re one of the only websites where you can order bags, stationery, gifts for corporate giveaways and more, all in one go. Have a browse and see what else you find.

Custom travel mugs are perfect for those needing their morning fix on the go. These highly portable mugs make sure your beverage of choice stays at the perfect temperature while easily placed in a cup holder or carried for your commute. Personalise our branded travel mugs for a great gift to hand out at corporate events, exhibitions or conferences. Highlight your logo or brand by choosing to either engrave or print them. Printing your business logo and contact details on our range of travel mugs and promotional water bottles lets you pick from a range of colours to create an eye-popping design. Engraved travel mugs are an elegant touch for corporate recognition or to honour a special occasion.

Browse the full range of Promotional Tumblers on the site…

We are sure to have the exact Promotional Tumblers for your advertising needs.  

Stainless Steel Bottles

Printed Metal Water Bottles

Promotional metal water bottles are a durable, and reusable solution to disposable plastic water bottles. With the growing movement to end the use of single-use or throwaway plastics, now is the time to invest in environmentally friendly reusable products, like our range of branded stainless steel bottles. These bottles keep your beverage cool on the go without worrying about leaking water from punctures or breakage, as they are typically made from stainless steel or aluminium for robustness.

If you need a bottle or canteen that’s simple to clean and has a high resistance to wear and tear, our selection of stainless steel products is tough and low maintenance. While for those on the run, we carry a variety of lightweight aluminium bottles. Many of the metal bottles in our range come with a handy carabiner or a lid loop to quickly attach your bottle to a backpack or hold with ease.

Stainless Steel Drink Bottle

Stainless Steel Drink Bottle

Why Order Metal Water Bottles?

Custom metal water bottles are the best buy for any team, or to give out at sporting event. They’re also a great way to show appreciation to members of outdoors clubs and coalitions. For companies hosting team-building exercise, or a corporate sporting event, branded metal water bottles are a useful and detailed gift to participants.

Our bottles are also significantly long-lasting in comparison to plastic and glass making them an ideal choice for a kid’s teams. Give them out at little league tournaments or school functions. Another great use for metal bottles in bulk is in bookstores or gift shops. If you are looking for more options and bottle materials go through our extensive options of sports bottles.

Browse the full range of Promotional Stainless Steel Sports Bottles on the site…

We are sure to have the exact Promotional Sports Bottle for your advertising needs.  

Aluminium Drink Bottles

The Difference Between Printed and Engraved Metal Water Bottles

At Direct Outlet Promo, we use two methods for personalising the metal bottle of your choice. We can print your brand or logo on the bottle or engrave it. The method depends on your necessities and the look you want to achieve. Engraved stainless steel is the easiest and least fussy for cleaning. Engraved stainless-steel bottles are completely dishwasher safe and have a very smart sleek look. For maximum durability aluminium bottles, both printed and engraved should be hand wash to prolong the life of their inner lining. Every bottle, including the lining of our aluminium bottles, are BPA free making them the healthiest to hydrate. On the other hand, printed logos or brands show off colourful designs and give you brand an extra pop on your items. Keep in mind that printed metal water bottles are not dishwasher safe but have a long lifetime when gently washed with warm soapy water and a long-handled brush.

Aluminium Sports Bottle

Aluminium Sports Bottle

Picking a Promotional Metal Water Bottle

A reusable metal water bottle not only looks smart but also promotes commitment to sustainable choices and an environmentally friendly outlook. So, what how should you choose the perfect metal water bottle for your team or activity. Our top picks for kids sports teams or dance groups is the Frosted Sports bottle that keeps beverages cool and is customisable with the option to print your logo with up to 4 colours. This bottle holds 550 ml of liquid making it perfect for children to hold or carry in a bag. It’s low price, low 25 item minimum, and durable quality makes this an excellent choice to place in a goodie bag for school fairs or events.

For a corporate team, we suggest a Sports bottle which comes in 7 colours for ultimate customization. This nifty full-size bottle also has a fold-out sipper cap, ideal for enjoying your drink without worrying about spills in the office or car. Looking to treat your employees or give something extra special to a winning team, Direct Outlet also offers elegant custom glassware.


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Reusable Coffee Cups

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Tritan Sports Bottles

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Miscellaneous Drinkware

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Drinkware Accessories

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Plastic Drink Bottles

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Umbrellas are a great way to raise your organisation’s profile. Because Australia’s weather is famously unpredictable recipients will be able to shield themselves from the wind and rain,
while displaying your logo to colleagues, friends, family and/or passersby. 

At Direct Outlet Promo, you can choose from an array of umbrellas in different shapes and sizes, all of which can be printed with your logo, contact details and call to action.

Paying top dollar for Custom Printed Umbrellas is now a thing of the past.  Like many other companies, we are now able to source and stock a great range of high-quality umbrellas at affordable prices.  Top of the line umbrellas incorporate features such as high structural integrity defined by its canopy and framing strength and quality.  Our umbrellas now incorporate some of these great features and then we pack them into a range of items that everyday consumers can purchase.  We offer lightweight, waterproof and blow-out technology in these designs.  Although these types of features a commonly found on high use umbrellas such as golf umbrellas, now more so than ever this technology is affordable.

The history of the umbrella, let’s start in England – and particularly London – is known for its rainy weather, and accordingly regarded as a city of umbrellas. So it should come as no surprise that it was an Englishman – Jonas Hanway (1712-1786) – who made the umbrella as we know it today popular. Hanway’s memorial plaque in Westminster Abbey honours his commitment to abandoned children and prostitutes but does not mention his groundbreaking service to the rain umbrella. It should be noted that before people in England and elsewhere used umbrellas to protect themselves against the rain, the “portable roof” was employed primarily to provide shade from the sun. The English word “umbrella” reveals this original function, as it derives from the Latin word “umbra”, meaning shadow, with “umbrella” being a poetic word form meaning “little shadow”. Regardless of whether its function was to ward off the sun or rain, umbrellas were considered purely a feminine accessory.

This was brought to a commendable end by the London tradesman Jonas Hanway who made the umbrella into the indispensable companion of the British gentleman. Around 1800 an umbrella weighed around 10 lbs., as its frame consisted of wooden rods and whalebone. Even Wellington, the victor of Waterloo, owned an umbrella made of waxed canvas which included a rapier hidden in the handle. And again an Englishman, Samuel Fox from Sheffield, at the time of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, invented the steel frame in 1852 which reduced the weight. Due in some part to tariff-free raw materials from its colonies, England was able to produce inexpensive umbrellas – with production costs often below a penny. In Charles Dickens’ novel “The Pickwick Papers” voters in Eatonswill were bribed with expensive gifts for their wives in the form of “45 green umbrellas for seven shillings and sixpence”.

From then on the umbrella has hardly changed: black, slim, and precisely rolled it still today protect the gentleman in the City of London and the rest of the world. We continue to this day to sell custom-fitted umbrellas in our store, all of them are made by hand. Umbrella handles, in the meantime, have developed into an art form on their own. Whether gold-plated or in sterling silver, leather, horn, precious woods and cane, such as whangee and Malacca, or with an integrated flashlight, pencil, watch, pillbox Promotional Umbrellas, compass or drinking glass, almost all still exist.

As early as 1715 the Parisian manufacturer Marius proclaimed the invention of the Pocket Umbrella, and in the 19th Century, there were many attempts to make the umbrella easier to transport. In 1852 John Gedge announced a self-opening rain umbrella from Paris.

The real breakthrough, however, was realized in the 1920s by Hans Haupt in Berlin. He constructed the first telescoping pocket umbrella (up to then all small umbrellas had been foldable models), and with it founded the Knirps company in Berlin (“Knirps” is a German word with the meaning “little guy”. The “Knirps” then began to revolutionise the world of umbrellas. In 1936 another innovation hit the market from Germany, the first automatic pocket umbrella with the name “Lord & Lady”.

With the beginning of the 1950s, the rise of the pocket umbrella began, and the “designer umbrella” as a fashion accessory fell behind due to the needs and desires of the travelling automobile society. The small wonder umbrella “Knirps” experienced a real boom during this decade. This trend was reinforced during the 1960s with the introduction of nylon fabrics, which could be manufactured in an unbelievable variety of colours and patterns. The rain umbrella became slimmer, lighter, flatter, and much more durable. After a watch and jewellery, the Knirps became the standard gift for communion, confirmation, birthdays, name days, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. Then, pressure began from imports of cheap umbrellas from the Far East, and for the “Rock’n-Roll generation” the umbrella lost its image as a status symbol.

During any time of the year in Australia, anyone can benefit from the use of an Umbrella. With many names associated with this device such as rain shade, brolly, sunshade, parasol or miniature canopy, these functional items are designed to perform one of two tasks. They either protect one from the rain or sun. For many businesses and companies, it has become common practice to offer employees the added bonus of gifting Printed Umbrellas or selling them on for a profit.

Typically these days most umbrellas that you see are without a doubt decorated umbrellas. Why? It makes sense for someone to order decorated umbrellas, instead of plain old, dull colours with no decoration. Most umbrella printing or decoration can be easily seen up to 50 meters away from the person holding the item. Now, what a fantastic opportunity for anyone to display their logo in a way that all can see by all, on a wet or sunny day. The materials used to make umbrellas are usually waterproof. This allows water to slide down the panels when it is raining keeping the user dry and comfortable.

Uncover Your Business Potentials With CORPORATE UMBRELLAS

There are unlimited options to choose from when investing in promotional products for your business within Australia.  The benefits of utilizing promotional products as marketing tools have long been established as studies have proven that promotional items increase response rates, boost brand recognition and create more favourable impressions for your company.  One of the most important things to consider when choosing a promotional product is finding something that will be of genuine use to your target consumers, while also having the potential to successfully advertise your business.

A promotional item that can be used year-round will provide your company with long-term benefits based on continuous visibility and usage. Promotional Corporate Umbrellas fit perfectly into this category as it can provide your potential customers maximum protection from the sun, wind and rain while establishing your brand awareness.  The constant change in weather has made these umbrellas a necessity.  Most everyone has one within reach just in case they are caught out in the rain or out in excessive sunlight.  Corporate Umbrellas are effective for corporate advertising because these have large spaces to be printed on with your company logo or brand.  There is space on each segment of the umbrella for printed images or details.

We offer top-quality Customised Corporate Golf Umbrellas, such as Executive umbrellas, Golf umbrellas, Personal or Folding umbrellas and Heavy-Duty umbrellas for extreme Australian weather conditions.  You can also check out other great promotional product ideas that will best represent your company for your business and corporate gifting needs.

It was only during the last years of the 20th Century that innovation took off again for umbrellas. This time the new materials and functions came from the Far East. Lightweight umbrellas made of aluminium (and even out of fibreglass), new frames with a double automatic mechanism for closing and opening, new fabrics, and new coatings (such as Teflon) are changing the market.

In any event, for your “portable roof” only the best should be just good enough. First, a “Rolls Royce” of an umbrella is not so easy to misplace or forget (as fear of losing it has an enormous effect on the memory). Secondly, it could begin to rain just as you are going to lunch with your boss. A fine umbrella discretely shows that you can cut a good figure even under difficult circumstances. Thirdly, such a good umbrella looks much better over time, is much more durable, and even helps protect our environment.

Now its time to enjoy a life with fewer umbrellas. The last thing we wanted was your custom umbrella not to be just another piece of urban luggage, we want you to enjoy this functional device used for everyday life in a way it can advertise your business for all to see.

Some of the features on more modern-day umbrellas include:

Full fibreglass shafts for added strength and durability.

Wind safe frames

Ultra-strong fibreglass ribs which in turn supports the waterproof panels

Auto opening systems

Electroplated frames

“J” handles or premium rubber handles

The over-locked panel joints for added strength and durability

Blow-out or windproof systems

Wind vents

Velcro closure systems

Nylon carry bags

Printed Umbrellas can be used for the following:


Sports functions

Corporate Events




Decoration options for umbrellas include screen printing or transfer printing. All types of Umbrellas are very delicate to decorate. It takes a well-trained printer or decorator with the knowledge of how to print these special items.

On a rainy day, umbrellas become our most trusted friends. Therefore, we thought that you might enjoy some not-so-well-known interesting facts about umbrellas, our handy helpers.

Some people don’t find umbrellas to be that interesting or useful. However, others like us, use them every day. They are a part of our routine. Just like in many other countries where umbrellas are a necessity, the average UK citizen rarely leaves their home without one. We have them in our bags, cars, homes, and offices. Furthermore, having just one umbrella is rare and weird. What if it breaks? What if you lose it? Anyway, here’s the first interesting fact about umbrellas for you – did you know that the National Umbrella Day in the UK is February 10th? Seems fitting, as you’ll most likely need an umbrella on that date. Golf umbrellas are one of many different types of promotional umbrellas that you can find when you’re looking for ways to improve your business. Marketing and advertising can become expensive very quickly, but if you try unconventional methods like promotional gifts and products, you might be able to advertise more for less without even realizing it. Many people don’t think that they have the budget for umbrellas and other larger gifts, but they don’t focus on the fact that they can spend a couple of hundred dollars on umbrellas instead of a couple thousand on traditional advertising and get the same or better result.

Interesting Facts About Umbrellas

A Long, Long Time Ago

When we say the word “umbrella”, what comes to mind? Rain? Cloudy days? Wetness? Those are all valid associations, considering that the primary purpose of the modern-day umbrella is to protect us from the rain and snow. However, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, in ancient times, umbrellas used to be associated with the sun. Moreover, that’s how they got their original names.

The name of these handy devices stems from the Latin word “umbros”. That means shadow or shade. In other words, we have the sun to thank for our umbrellas! However, the English language quickly changed the context of the word “umbros” from “shade” to “shield”. That’s not exactly surprising, given our rainy weather. Thus, we got the “umbrella” — a shield made to protect us from the rain.

Printed golf umbrellas come in many different styles, designs, and colours. You can customise exactly what they look like, what they say, and the colours that are on them. It doesn’t matter whether you need a solid red umbrella with black print, or a rainbow umbrella with white print, because you can find exactly what you need if you take the time to look. Where exactly should you look for these great promotional umbrellas? For starters, you can look online to find everything that you possibly can relate to screen printed golf umbrellas, including more information about them as well as companies that make them and the different ways that you can customise them to suit your exact needs. Whether you are trying to save money, trying to get the best products, or even just trying to find a printed umbrella that you like, you have the entire world of promotional products at your fingertips when you shop online, which makes things much easier.

And Before That?

Before umbrellas became what we know and love today, they had a different purpose and name. In ancient Egypt and Assyria, over four thousand years ago, people used umbrellas, or parasols, as they were known back then, to shield themselves from the sun. However, these umbrellas weren’t waterproof like their modern counterparts. Nobody really knows who made the first parasol, or when. People have needed sun protection since the dawn of time. Therefore, it’s only logical to assume they’ve been around for a while. Probably for as long as the human race and the need to protect ourselves from the elements.  There is a lot to think about when it comes to logo golf umbrellas. It’s not really as simple as choosing and ordering them in a matter of minutes. You need to make sure that everything is perfect because these items are going to set the stage for your business promotions and what people think of you. If your colours are wrong, your logo is incorrect, or there are spelling errors due to hasty typing, you’re going to regret not taking more time in ordering your promotional umbrellas. Keep these things in mind and the process should go a little more smoothly for you, allowing you to make the most of your promotional purchases every single time.


Back in the day, not everyone could afford a parasol. It was a symbol of wealth back in ancient Egypt. Only the powerful could shield themselves from the sun, and, consequently, from the Gods. And like any other status symbol, parasols were far from simple. Artisans competed to make the most intricate and beautiful parasol for the rulers and the members of the ruling families. Parasols were often unusual, exotic, and very complex.


Ancient China had similar views on parasols. Rulers, royalty, and wealthy officials carried complex parasols around. Well, their servants carried the devices for them, but, you get the picture. However, the people of Ancient China had to deal with a lot more rain than the Egyptians. Therefore, they made their parasols waterproof, to shield them from the rain as well as the sun. While the Egyptian parasol makers aimed for an intricate design, the Chinese had a “go big or go home” attitude. Their parasols were multi-tiered. They sometimes had up to twenty layers of sun and rain protection.

Greece And Rome

On the other hand, in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the “less is more” attitude was paramount. Back then, much like today, small, foldable parasols were all the rage. Furthermore, they were more widespread than in Egypt and China. However, they were still a status symbol, and they were favourite accessories of wealthy ladies.

PromotionalRain Umbrellas are a great choice for business promotion products, no matter what kind of business you have. With so many different types of promotional products out there, there is something for just about everyone to choose from. You need to take the time to consider all of your options and make sure that you choose the items that best suit your needs for marketing, gift-giving, or promotional use, as well as finding items that you can afford to give away. If you’re looking to make a good impression, you can definitely do that with the use of rain umbrellas and other useful items. Promotional rain umbrellas are popular for many reasons. A lot of people won’t actually make the time to go out and buy an umbrella, but they would use one that they were given without hesitation. The reality of the situation is that by providing a useful promotional item, you’ll give people something that they can definitely enjoy rather than just handing out key chains and pens to promote your business. Bigger gifts offer you a way to show employees and customers that you really care, which is always a good thing for your business. You can shop online for promotional rain umbrellas and other promotional products for your business promotion and gift-giving needs. It doesn’t matter who you’re giving gifts to or why you’re giving them, because there is something out there for everyone, no matter what you might be looking for. Online stores will simply offer you better prices, more selection, and an easier way to get the things that you need for your business promotions.

18th Century Europe And The Umbrella Revolution

Although umbrellas are an ancient invention, they didn’t become popular and widespread in Europe until the middle of the 18th century. Before that, people considered them to be a useful accessory for the fairer sex. However, one man put a stop to that. We can thank  Jonas Hanway, the Englishman brave enough to strut around town with an umbrella on his arm. His bold choice quickly became famous and more and more men began to carry umbrellas with them. Soon after, these devices became popular across all of Europe, and it was no longer a faux pas to carry one. After this umbrella revolution, people of both sexes started carrying them around. Artisans usually used green or blue silk to make them. In those times, it was customary to hold an umbrella in the middle of the shaft and to point to the ground with it.

Modern-day Umbrellas

The 20th century brought us many technological advances. Some of them improved the design and usability of umbrellas. New mechanisms and materials allowed for the umbrella we know and love today. Today we have a huge plethora of umbrellas to choose from in all styles and colours. There are traditional umbrellas, automatic ones, golfing umbrellas and even seat umbrellas for those who need a bit of assistance while walking. Furthermore, a more modern-looking bubble and storm umbrellas are also popular today. Whichever type of umbrella you choose, you are making a fashion statement with it. Much like in ancient times, the design and complexity of umbrellas vary. However, they are now accessible to everyone.

Promotional rain umbrellas can be ordered in many different colours, styles, designs, and can be printed with just about anything that you want them to say. You can be sure that you’ll get the best products available when you shop online for promotional items like umbrellas. With so many different items to choose from, you can find something for just about every need, no matter what it is you’re looking for. If you want red and white umbrellas with black print, you’ll find it. If you need purple umbrellas with white print, you can find those too. Thanks to the internet, your options for promotional items are nearly limitless as long as you’re willing to look.

There Is A Place For Umbrellas Everywhere

Today, umbrellas do so much more than just protect us from the rain. They are statement accessories and are used in various sizes for a whole variety of different purposes. Let’s not forget the tiny mini umbrella you get in exotic cocktails and mixed drinks! Furthermore, umbrellas became a common motif in many works of art. Many old masters featured them in their masterpieces. However, modern artists are drawn to umbrellas as well. In contemporary art forms, such as photography, artists use umbrellas as more than just motifs. They also make great equipment, and photographers use them as light reflectors. Cheap Promotional Corporate Golf Umbrellas also make great promotional giveaways. Given that Promotional Products need to be useful and practical, umbrellas are at the top of every marketer’s promotional product list.

The Wonder Of  Modern Umbrellas

Not unlike many other items of current times, modern umbrellas originate from China in the sense that the majority of these items are made in Chinese factories. There’s one town in China, Shangyu, that’s home to over a thousand different umbrella factories. Modern umbrellas are waterproof. They protect us from the rain thanks to the Teflon that factories coat them in. Furthermore, you can use them as weapons, as they are often sturdy and durable. However, we don’t recommend this. But if you ever find yourself in a pinch, you can use them for both offence and defence.

Promotional Umbrellas- For Customer and Employee Appreciation

 There are literally hundreds of different promotional items that you can find to get your company recognized and provide gifts for employees and customers alike. One of the many popular items that are out there when it comes to bigger and better gifts is Budget Umbrella. Many people choose items like this because they are big, they make a statement, and they are useful. How many people actually go to the store and buy a custom made umbrella? How many people would use a free umbrella if they had one? Exactly. There are millions of people out there who don’t own an umbrella simply because it has never crossed their mind to buy one. However, with the advent of promotional marketing, promotional umbrellas are a great item that people love to have when it comes to useful items. Promo gifts are hard to choose in some cases, but as long as you provide something that people can appreciate, you’re doing just fine. Umbrellas are definitely appreciated by customers because they are big gifts that they don’t have to spend money on, and they’re useful for everyday life. You can use promotional umbrellas as marketing gifts, employee appreciation gifts, customer appreciation items, and even just as a gift with purchase. It doesn’t matter how you use them, as long as you get the most from your promotional items. With the ability to shop online for promotional products, you can customise your umbrellas to have your company logo, slogan, name, or anything else that you want along with the colours that you choose. You can even find different sizes of promotional umbrellas, allowing you to choose how big you want your promotional gestures to be.

You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the different choices that you have to make for promotional marketing. However, the choices are a great thing and you should appreciate them. There is no reason why you can’t take the time to go through all of your options and find whatever works best for you without having to spend a lot of money or effort in promotional product ordering. The internet makes it easier than ever to order and find promotional umbrellas and other products, so you essentially have very little hassle to deal with. With these things in mind, you can trust that you’ll have no trouble finding great promotional items for your business.

Direct Outlet Promo Umbrella Store – the home of quality printed umbrellas.

We believe a quality Branded Umbrella is an excellent way to market your brand cost-effectively, and all our umbrellas are competitively priced. We have the perfect corporate umbrella for your business, regardless of the occasion or your particular personal taste and budget. A printed umbrella makes a great Promotional Item. as it is both practical and stylish. Our high-quality umbrellas last for years, and create a fantastic impact compared to online advertising – where else is your brand displayed as a moving billboard to your customers? Printed umbrellas lend themselves to the promotions trade because they offer great branding potential, high perceived value and can be customised in lots of different ways.

Custom made promotional umbrellas to your exact specifications

The most popular type of promotional umbrella is the corporate golf umbrella – but that’s not all we are experts on. Our friendly team knows everything there is to know about Walking Umbrella, Storm Proof Umbrellas, Automatic Umbrellas, ladies umbrellas, telescopic umbrellas, branded parasols – the list goes on. Whether you need high impact full dye-sublimation print or a tasteful single panel printed umbrella, our promotions team can organise everything to your exact specifications. A stylish printed promotional umbrella will promote your business and keep your clients and staff looking professional – whatever the weather may throw at you. Please contact our friendly team if you have any questions about our product range or personalisation techniques.

Printed Sports Umbrellas- Promotional Products for Your Customers

 Printed sports umbrellas are a great way to reach out to your customers and give them a product that they can use and enjoy. When it comes to having protection from the rain during sporting events, these Everyday Budget Rain Umbrellas are what people need. They’re larger than typical umbrellas might be, and they can be customised with your logo or company information so that people can promote your business and protect themselves from the rain at the same time. With so many different promotional products out there to consider, it might seem like an overwhelming choice to make, but you really just have to find what works for you. Umbrellas are one of the most versatile promotional products in existence. Canopy and panel colours, handles, frames and a variety of other areas are completely customizable to suit your brand colours. You’re also not limited to just the panel for printing – many of our umbrellas feature tie wrap, sleeve/pouch printing or full-colour decals on the handle.

Umbrella Screen Making Process

Screens are used to transfer company artwork from digital form onto the product. The screen is essentially a stencil – first coated with a layer of emulsion, and then placed in the exposure unit to burn away the required design shape. Washing the emulsion around the design area causes the burned section to move away, and a negative of the design is ready for printing. After printing, the screens are reclaimed by adding chemicals to dissolve the emulsion, and then spraying down. With so much to choose, you should make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself while shopping for printed sports umbrellas. There are many different choices out there to make, but you don’t have to let them get to you to a point where you are frazzled and don’t know what to choose. Just find products that you can afford, that offer customization as you want, and that are able to offer quality to your customers and employees. As long as you keep those few things in mind, you should never have trouble narrowing down your options and choosing the best sports umbrellas or other promotional products for your needs.

Silk Screen Printing Process

Once the screens for a particular logo have been made, they can be used to print directly onto a product. The screens are set up with the particular ink colour required, and products are loaded onto a rotating assembly. Ink is squeezed through the silk mesh screen and directly onto the product using a motorised squeegee, ensuring a constant pressure for a high-quality print. If multiple colours are needed, the umbrellas are processed in the same fashion, but with a separate screen and different colour ink. After inspection and drying, the umbrellas are packed and sent to the customer. Printed sports umbrellas come in every shape, colour, and design imaginable. You can choose from a variety of colour combinations or solid colours, depending on what your business needs. You can choose the colour of the printing, how much printing you have, and what exactly the item says (or shows if you choose logos or pictures instead of words). As long as you choose what works best for your business, your customers and/or employees, and your marketing purposes, you’ll be just fine.

Soft Feel Printing Process for Umbrellas

For the soft feel of some promotional umbrellas, ink is prepared to exacting standards and applied to coated paper through a screen. A roll to roll printing process is used to create multiple transfers which are then applied to panels at a later stage. Being able to provide customers and/or employees with a gift that is useful AND promotional is a great thing. You can get what you need, and so can they. Plus, when you invest in promotional products, you can often save a lot of money by buying wholesale rather than having to pay full retail prices for everything that you need. Printed sports umbrellas are definitely a popular choice for businesses that want to stand out from the crowd and offer a different type of promotional item.

Umbrella Manufacturing Process

The process begins with accurately cutting fabric for the umbrella panels, using chalk and a circular saw, into tessellated triangles. Frames are then constructed. A push-button is added to the sliding mechanism and the central pole pushed through, with the two sections neatly nailed together to complete the frame. Canopies are stitched in a variety of panel colours, with the tips of the umbrella sewn on and a topping ring added. Completed frames are then sewn to the canopy and the frame tips are attached. After a thorough inspection, the umbrellas are packed and shipped to the customer. Promo Rainbrellas are great for the warmer months of the year in Australia, as well as the cooler months we have just been through. During these times shade is often considered to be one-off your main forms of sun protection.  By being sun smart, your business or company can portray a wise message and you can also include prints of your choice onto products such as umbrellas.  Printed or decorated twill they look great with your company name or logo decorated onto the outside.  The visual effect is simply stunning when these are deployed.  Bright, clean, fresh logos can be seen clearly up to 100 meters away. If you are looking for a great cost-effective advertising medium aiming to really get your message across they are well worth the time and effort.  Great for a golf day or even general giveaways, these little beauties are always well received by a wide range of recipients.  They can also become great over the counter upsell when your clients are departing the office and are looking for that special type of memorabilia that will last a very long time.

Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are a great marketing opportunity for your next event or giveaway, offering a practical and unique way to promote your brand. Umbrellas are a fundamental necessity in Australia, which is known for its showers and general downpours. Our range of branded umbrellas can be printed with your brand or message and we offer unlimited visuals with no obligation to buy. Ensuring you get exactly what you need before we go forward for printing. Direct Outlet Promo umbrellas can certainly strengthen promotional outdoor awareness activities on a daily basis. They can help businesses and companies to achieve exposure that they never thought was possible. Unlike conventional advertising such as newspaper adverts or magazine spreads, printed umbrellas can create a public face to your advertising campaign. Because of their attractiveness and the availability of considerably larger printing space, they are very effective in creating an effective advertisement. By using the sales of promotional umbrellas, you can spread the name of your business far and wide.

Why you should put your brand on umbrellas

Branding umbrellas for promoting your brand doesn’t have to be expensive. has a large range of promotional umbrellas for every budget including, budget umbrellas, folding & telescopic umbrellas, storm proof umbrellas, kids umbrellas and executive umbrellas.  Promotional umbrellas offer large printing areas for your brand to be seen and can have your logo, slogan, message or contact details printed on one face or multiple faces. We also offer a wrap-around an image or set of images for each face of the umbrella. Umbrellas stand out in a crowd and our folding & telescopic umbrellas are ideal for commuters. Umbrellas offer full 360 advertising wherever they’re taken and are a great form of mobile marketing. The use of Printed Umbrellas is extremely varied to a wide range of different people and organisations. We have many smaller businesses within Australia that choose to use umbrellas as part of their promotional products campaign, such as real estate agents, surveyors, doctors, nurses, panel beaters etc. If your budget restricts you from buying umbrellas for all of your customers, choose them for just a few of your special clients or customers to give them too, or maybe choose from one of our more Budget Aware Styles which are very affordable. You may use these gifts for your employees too. If you use promotional umbrellas as sales to your customers, you may be surprised at the number of people that may purchase them. This is because of their advertising ability in the public eye. Umbrellas are always used outside in public places; hence they have the great potential to attract many customers towards you and your business.

Schools need a big bucket of umbrellas ready for the cricket, rugby, football and tennis match spectators. Hotels need them for wedding parties. House Builders need them to take people on viewings. Sales reps need them for customer visits. Surveyors and architects need them for site visits. Nurseries, golf clubs, festivals and event organisers need them too. So give promotional gifts that people love, give them an umbrella.


We are complete promotional umbrella manufacturer, specialising in the manufacturing and design of premium quality, one-of-a-kind umbrellas for promotional and retail purposes. We can do so much more than print a logo on an umbrella, we offer a fully personalised umbrella service.


Well, due to the fact that we custom manufacture all of our promotional umbrellas from the frame up in our own factory: Graphics are printed onto umbrella panels prior to construction — so there are no printing restrictions. This allows you the flexibility to bring striking promotional umbrella canopy designs to life. We also offer a huge selection of branding options and features, including custom embroidered labels, engraved handles and several packaging options, allowing you to completely personalise your umbrellas. With numerous colours and several personalised umbrella styles to choose from, including larger promotional golf umbrellas, personalised stick umbrellas and promotional folding umbrellas, you can get the specific look you want.


Our team believe great promotional umbrella items are more than just a logo printed on some swag, they prominently show the brand’s colours in a unique and memorable way. That’s why we offer the power to Pantone to match your company’s colours. Our factory can dye the umbrella canopy fabric to your exact corporate colours. Colour-matching is not only for the canopy either: We can match the frame, handle, and sleeve — totally personalising your promotional umbrella from tip to handle.


If you’d like a free personalised umbrella design, email us your logo and we’d be happy to do one for you — for free! If you have any specific design needs, or a creative idea of your own, tell us about it so our experienced umbrella designers can bring your concept to life. Alternatively, if you ‘d like to design your own custom umbrella, we can provide you with umbrella design layouts and help you through the process.

Why Printed Promotional Umbrellas?

Here at Direct Outlet Promo Umbrellas, we offer the best range of umbrellas available on the Australian promotional market. Our promotional umbrellas are competitively priced and our knowledge is second to none. We hold umbrellas in stock in our China warehouse and print in-house, giving us total control of our own stock supply and production quality and speed. We believe that promotional umbrellas are the very best promotional item due to a number of key factors. A well designed promotional umbrella will be kept for a long time and used over and over again. The very nature of an umbrella means that it will be used outside and therefore your promotional logo or message will be seen by a large number of people. The branding area on all promotional umbrellas is larger than the vast majority of promotional gifts, giving promotional umbrellas the edge when it comes to logo visibility and impact.

Our wide range of promotional umbrellas means we can offer a suitable umbrella to all of our customers, and tapping into our vast knowledge of both the market and the print process we can advise on the perfect promotional umbrella for your company. The most popular promotional umbrellas are golf umbrellas due to their practicality and large branding area, for this reason, it is this size that we offer the largest range in. Starting at our Budget Golf Umbrella to our stormproof models, all our golf umbrellas can be printed to suit your logo and requirements. In addition to the golf size umbrellas, we also hold huge choices in walking umbrellas and telescopic umbrellas and folding umbrellas.

We specialise in two printing techniques being dye sublimation and digital printing. These two umbrella printing methods allow us to offer the very best reproduction of any logo or image. Our in-house printing allows us to focus on print quality, and our expertise means you will receive the very highest quality print to make sure that your printed promotional umbrella gives you the professional look you want. Whatever you are looking for, whether it be cheap promotional umbrellas, cheap logo umbrellas, high-quality corporate umbrellas or printed umbrellas, we are the experts who will supply you with the corporate gift you are looking for. APPA research shows that umbrellas are one of the most popular promotional products, so you can be sure that umbrellas with your logo on will only positively benefit your business. Using any of our promotional umbrellas will mean the recipient will be a walking advertisement for your company, creating a number of advertising impacts that is unrivalled in the promotional gifts market.


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