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Lock Your Customers In

Everybody knows that a good marketing campaign needs a hook. You need something that will draw the eye of a potential customer and pique their interest. Promotional keyrings are an ideal way to do just that.

They are a walking advertisement for your brand. Furthermore, even though they are small, the fact that they are used on a daily basis and attached to a precious belonging gives them a considerable impact. 

There are countless options available when it comes to choosing promotional keyrings. 

Printed keyrings are a practical everyday reminder

While printed keyrings might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of promotional merchandise, you can’t deny their practicality. Printed keyrings have a leg up on most other items.

Firstly, promotional keyrings are a practical way to advertise. People will inevitably see and use them several times every day. Now, you might ask: how is that different from other merchandise? Well, for one, you don’t exactly carry your mug wherever you go, right? Nor do you start panicking when you misplace a pen. The same can’t be said for keys.

Therefore, printed keyrings have more reach and visibility as promotional items. The fact that they are portable and can easily fit into the daily routine further increases their usefulness. Not only for you and your company, but for your potential clients, as well!

Repeat exposure is the KEY to your success

The practicality of promotional keyrings lies in their portability. In fact, the portability of printed keyrings allows repeat exposure.

The benefit of daily exposure to your brand name is especially effective when combined with engaging and exceptional design. While promotional merchandise should be useful, it should also be memorable. Anything eye-catching will serve this purpose.

How does that work? Well, it’s all about making an impactful impression. Unusual-looking keyrings will generate interest because they are fun and amusing. Therefore, they will attract the attention you need. Combined with repeat exposure, that’s a slam dunk in marketing!

Even if you choose to take a more traditional route and hand out more generic keyrings, you’re still reaching a big audience. That kind of mass outreach for such a low price is hard to accomplish with anything else!

Profit from their emotional outbursts

Now, imagine being able to cash in on that feeling of relief you get when you finally find the keys you’ve been searching for in a frenzy. You can do that with printed keyrings! How? Well, when your customer finally sets their eyes on their keys, your brand name will be right there. And, they won’t be able to help it – after a while, they’ll start to associate your brand with that overwhelming feeling of relief. And all that for a fraction of the price of other promotional products!

Give your potential customers something they can actually use!

If you think that printed keyrings are just an embellishment or a decoration, you are terribly mistaken. Some of the fantastic benefits that promotional keyrings have are their versatility and usefulness. How? Well, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Let’s say you have a beer brewery. Your key promotional merchandise (pun intended) should be the industry-related printed keyrings. Therefore, you can hand out keyrings in the shape of a bottle opener, for example. That’s killing two birds with one stone! Or, better said, three birds!

Not only are you promoting your brand, but you are also reminding your customer of what exactly your company does. Moreover, you are giving them something they can actually use. Therefore, they’ll probably buy your product, as well. Well, why not, considering that, after a while, they’ll start to associate your brand with the entire concept of beer?

But, it’s not just the bottle openers that make efficient promotional keyrings. You can also hand out novelty keyrings, trolley coin keyrings, etc. Use whatever works best for you and can be easily associated with your brand. Or, whatever you think your target customer needs the most as a daily reminder of who you are as a brand and how to contact you.

Want more clients? Lock them in with a constant reminder dangling from their key sets

Surely by now, you know that investing in brand merchandise can propel your business. Brand recognition is precisely the wind beneath your wings that you need to get your business off the ground.

It’s simple, really. The more times people see your name, the more trustworthy your brand seems. Therefore, you want that instant spark of recognition, that “aha” moment to arise in the minds of your customers each time they see the name of your company.

And what better way to make yourself known and compel your potential customers.

Since your marketing campaign is vital to the success of your business, you should exploit every avenue of branded merchandise.