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Polished Steel Bottle

Pop Up Lid Drink Bottle

Metal Drink Bottle

Double Wall Drink Bottle

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Heavy Duty Drink Bottle

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Branded Water Bottles

Ready, set, go! Give your branding a boost with promotional sports bottles from Direct Outlet. We have a huge range of branded water bottles that can be printed with your logo, so when your next customer hits the gym your business is right in front of them.

Mostly popular with sports companies, spas and health clubs, printed sports bottles are ideal for fitness enthusiasts. But in the 21st century it’s all about happiness and wellbeing, so even if you’re not ready to run a marathon, drinking plenty of water is essential for good health.

Our wide selection of promotional water bottles are durable, lightweight and long-lasting, so when you give away branded sports bottles as a corporate gift, your customers receive a high-quality promotional product.

We supply traditional plastic sports bottles, stylish metal water bottles and eco-friendly recycled sports bottles that are perfect for environmentally-friendly businesses. We also stock fun promotional water bottles, like our novelty football-shaped bottle and the branded fruit infuser bottle, so you’re sure to find the right product for your brand.

Personal Use

The Promotional Sports Bottle has become a common and essential part of many peoples lives and not just for teams and sporting enthusiasts. In the early days the only place you would have seen water sports bottles would have been attached to a bicycle frame but over recent years it has become a useful item for holding liquid and now seen everywhere, ideal for schools and councils promoting healthier lives and the importance of drinking liquids throughout the day as well as being used for teams and at fitness centres.

All of our printed sports bottles are recyclable, or made from recycled plastic, comply with EU food safety laws and are BPA free, lightweight and durable, a great promotional merchandise product that has longevity and has a great branding area.

Need a quote, or can’t see what you’re looking for? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the sales team for more details; we’ll be happy to help. If you don’t have time to talk now, drop us an email or request a callback.

For more information on our range of Promotional Drinks Bottles see details above or call us on 0403 169 851

Custom Printed Promotional Drink Bottles

For a promotional item with a difference consider a square glass bottle with a wide lid opening. The opening is large enough to accommodate ice cubes either from an ice maker or ice tray. The grip sleeve can be designed with windows to show the contents or to accommodate your logo or any design of your choosing. Available with a fresco printed, or sip through lid. The square glass bottle is just one idea of many in the promotional glass bottle range of items. Glass bottles of any size, design or colour can be etched with your business logo, name, address, website location or any other design idea. Blue bottles are especially welcomed by businesses geared towards ocean sports. If your client is involved in the Eco business a glass bottle, which is recyclable, in a green colour shows you are interested in protecting the earth and have an understanding of the Eco businesses, business statement. For the youth oriented market glass bottles that have bold and bright colours are a hit. No matter what your client base is, or where your business plan is heading, promotional bottles are a great gift that will be around for years to come.

Corporate Giveaways

Our promotional sports bottles are competitively priced and many come with fast delivery. With their large print area for your logo or message, branded water bottles are one of our most sought-after promotional items.

Our selection is specifically selected to have great brand recognition and return on your investment and provide you with excellent marketing opportunities in all kinds of places.

All of our bottles can be printed up with your organisation’s logos or message for your outdoor, sporting or travel themed campaigns. There are various colours, shapes and sizes to choose from and all of them can be personalised with your corporate details, depending on your requirements. Branded water and drinks bottles are great for giveaways for sports, outdoor marketing campaigns, hospitality sectors, schools and clubs. Reusable water bottles are also an ideal gift for the environmentally conscious.


Every product needs a certain physical appeal in order to pull in loyal customers. A customised drinking bottle opens a plethora of benefits in terms of effective advertising; not only can it be designed to be as aesthetically pleasing to the target audience as possible, but it can stand alongside classic advertising items as pens and lanyards. Drinking bottles are utilised widely on the daily, and with surfaces that are perfect to display any personal or company logo on. This provides the perfect recipe for success, all with the services provided by the Direct Outlet online store.

Arguably a product with the highest user-value, drinking bottles opens entirely new plains of advertising reach for your company. Drinking is a basic human need; by extension, drinking bottles become just as vital and necessary. By personalising drinking bottles with your personal claim or brand, your advertising campaign reaches not only those to whom the products have been distributed – others around your target audience, even regular passersby, but all will also come into contact with your brand name and logo. This will make for an effective campaign that extends far beyond the initial target audience.



For fitness and health-related companies, there are many products available at our store in this category. During a workout, run, the team meeting, or gym routine – a drinking bottle is essential in instilling any target consumer with the endurance, strength, and energy they need to continue. Allow your customers to always think of your brand and company every time they reach an exhausted hand out for a refreshing sip. However, the reach of these ergonomically-formed drinking bottles does not end there; our thermo mugs are perfect for the frequent flyer as well. Now let these multi-functional drinking bottles extend your campaign and brand name to new heights!




Any average drinking bottle you choose to distribute would not have the desired advertising effect. That is why, for the optimal marketing experience your brand deserves, browse through the store to see all the various designs and customisations you can choose from. Select designs and colours that reflect your unique corporate persona, and let us take the product an extra mile by engraving or printing your personal claim onto it. Not only are your promotional products now practical in their utility, but they can also be distinctive and original enough to set them apart from any competition.


Personalised Drink Bottles for Sporting Promotions

The Biggest Selection of Online Promotional Items

Direct Outlet delivers quality promotional products and exceptional customer service at highly competitive prices. As experts in our field we understand that using promotional items as a marketing strategy requires a return of investment so deliver corporate gifts your clients will cherish and promotional merchandise you will be proud to put your company name on.

  • Low cost branded promotional products and corporate gifts
  • Extensive range of superb promotional items
  • Guaranteed to enhance your marketing strategy
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Guaranteed delivery

Personalised Kids Drink Bottles in Large or Small Quantities

Custom branding of your bottles

We offer the facility of printing custom designs/logos on your water bottles. Up to 4 distinct colours can be printed on the bottles using a silk screen printing process. All printing and artwork processing is performed here at our factory. This enables us to be fastest in the industry.

Custom branding of your bottles is a very effective form of promotion. We can add your contact details to the bottle design, so that your customers always have a way of getting back to you.


Would you like to be certain of a successful promotion? Order personalised drink bottles!

Printing Bottles

Whether it’s a simple logo or full colour 360º rotary print, mix and match the bottle and cap colour to find the perfect combination. Utilise the substantial print area to make a unique design and create a bottle to use as a promotional tool.

Ultramodern silk screen printing machines are used to customise the bottles, the result is comparable to digital print. Vector artwork and HD pictures are crucial to achieving the best print results.

We are here to help create stunning promotional sports water bottles that not only look the part but are far more economical than the other big brands.

Customised Coffee Cups

Sports Teams

Beverage Drinks

We develop and supply products that are printed with full-colour personalised label presenting your logo or brand.

If you would like to leverage the popularity of this advertising premiums, custom branded coolers, promotional fudge sweets or personalised tea or coffee shots to promote your own organisation at trade industry or events across the globe, we are ready to your service, simply email us or purchase goods trough our online shop.

Our high quality products, custom branded with your corporate logo and name, are manufactured to the highest standards. Ideal for smaller businesses as well as for larger companies that would like to promote themselves at large exhibitions and local events.

Customising these metal sports bottles which are unique to each event are sure to impress new and existing clients.